During production of final product,
three step test done according
the last ISo standard

offering designs according existing
modern methods and simulation in
quite natural and software

Mass production by Japanes and
south korean advanced equipment

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Parlar Industrial Group was established as Sobh Parlar Asia Industrial Company in 2001 with the aim of having activities in different fields of electronics engineering using the specialty of engineers, technicians and university professors of the field. The group has now designated a great amount of market share to itself making use of the up-to-date technology of designing and production in manufacturing various products such as automation systems of household appliance factories and the electronic boards required in household appliances and automobile industries. In 2009, with ever increasing number of manufacturing products and starting to cooperate with construction industry professionals by manufacturing elevator control panels, Asia Sobh Parlar Industries Co. entered a new phase to become an appropriate accountable for people's ever increasing needs in terms of quality, technology and on time delivery.

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